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Domain Name Registration Information

A domain name is what a person may type into a browser to get to a website. For example, to get to this website, someone can type into their browser.
When you register a domain name, it should be something like, where CompanyName represents the name of your company. Please note that the Network Solutions logo on the home page of this website assumes the "www." and ".com" portions of the domain name, so only the CompanyName portions needs to be entered. It may contain any alphanumeric characters or underscores. Upper and lower case are ignored in registration and in what is typed into a browser to go to a website. After registering a domain name, when printing that domain name on anything, use upper and lower case to separate words or to make the domain name more like your company name.
Keep your domain name as short as possible. If the domain name you select is already being used by someone else, attempt to keep as close to your company name as possible. Some suggestions would be to remove a vowel or two, add or remove an underscore, add "co" for company or "inc" for incorporated etc., or add something to indicate the city your company is located in.