ABBA Enterprises


If the website is to be leased, with the design and promotion done by you, the first 30 days are free. At the end of the 30 day free trial period, a decision must be made. There are four options!

1. Discontinue the use of your website and owe nothing.
2. A six month contract.
3. A one year contract.
4. An indefinite contract (two year minimum).
Option Activation Fee Monthly Hosting Fee
Discontinue Website $0.00 $0.00
Six Month Contract $150.00 $79.95
One Year Contract $150.00 $74.95
Indefinite Contract $150.00 $69.95

Each contract has a $150.00 activation fee and a monthly hosting fee that depends on the length of the contract. For the six month and one year contracts, at the end of the contracted period, a new contract must be started with a new $30.00 activation fee. ABBA Enterprises will not raise the monthly hosting fee for the duration of a contract, or for a period of two years on an indefinite contract. The monthly hosting fee includes access to the website design and promotion tools.

Additional Leasing Options

If the website is designed and maintained by ABBA Enterprises then the activation fee will be $450 with a monthly hosting fee starting at $84.95. These costs may vary, depending on the complexity of the website and the complexity of the required maintenance.
If the website suffers from low traffic, ABBA Enterprises will do website promotion for you for an increase of the monthly hosting fee of $20.
To have ABBA Enterprises do both the design and promotion of the website there will be an activation fee of $500 and a monthly hosting fee starting at $104.95.


Websites can be purchased through ABBA Enterprises at a one time cost of $650.

Joint Venture

The small partner venture is one in which ABBA Enterprises designs and promotes the website, with the basic lease activation and monthly hosting fees, as well as merchant account being provided by the other partner. ABBA Enterprises would also receive 10-25% of the profits, depending on the complexity of the website.
For the equal partner venture, ABBA Enterprises and the partner company would split costs, website design and promotion, and other responsibilities. The profit would be split with 50% to both partner companies.

Other Helpful Optional Purchases

Merchant accounts can be provided through ABBA Enterprises. This is a wise investment for any business on the internet.
A telephone messaging system can be provided through ABBA Enterprises as well. Missing a customers call can quickly cause a loss of business.
An optional, but recommended cost of $70 will allow you to register for what is called a domain name for a period of two years. This will allow your customers to remember what to type in to get to your website more easily. You register for a domain name like www."YourCompany".com where "YourCompany" represents the name of your company. This can be done from the home page of this website.
Also, books on website design and promotion, office supplies and equipment, and laptop and desktop computers can be purchased through the logos on the home page of this website.