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This company was created to be a complete, one stop location for all that is needed to start a new internet business, to give existing businesses that are not on the internet an internet presence, or to maintain and improve existing internet businesses.
Websites are provided for purchase or lease. Those websites can be designed and maintained by this company or the customer. Online design and promotional tools will be provided to customers who do the design and maintenance themselves.
In addition, sources for information about website design and promotion are also provided. Phone messaging systems can be provided, so that orders will not be lost. Merchant accounts can be set up, so that credit cards can be accepted. Finally, laptop and desktop computers, as well as office equipment and supplies can be purchased and will be delivered right to the customer's door.
The name of this company, ABBA Enterprises, is often assumed to be connected to the popular singing group. Although the music of this particular group is very enjoyable, that is not the origin of the name. In the Bible, ABBA is a name connected with God the Father (see Mark 14:36). This company will be run according to Christian principles, including integrity, fairness, and good hard work on behalf of the customers. The real bottom line of this company is the desire that all work done through this company would glorify Him.
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